Find out which wines go with which foods
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Find out which wines go with which foods

When choosing a wine to drink with meat, fish or vegetable, you need to think about how the dish has been cooked and the grape variety. Here are some examples:

Any of the great Spanish crianza or reserva red wines goes well with an entrecote, T-bone steak, sirloin, etc. For this type of meat you want a well-crafted, robust, powerful wine with concentration. For lamb we suggest a red tempranillo, garnacha or cabernet with spicy aromas.

Different types of wine can be drunk with chicken. If it has been cooked in a tomato, onion and herb sauce, choose a semi-crianza tempranillo wine. If the chicken is served with lemon juice and aromatic herbs, ignore the reds and go for a white wine, a young Chardonnay perhaps, for its citric aromas and freshness.

You don’t have to drink white wine with fish; a red goes well with oily fish and mushrooms and rosé wine can accompany oily fish and vegetables. By contrast, the best choice for seafood and white fish is a dry or very dry white wine, sparkling wine or even a dry rosé cava.

When choosing a wine for pasta, look at the sauce. For Bolognese sauce choose a young red, for tomato and vegetable sauce go for rosé wine and the best option for pesto is a white crianza.
If you are having pasta with a seafood sauce (with mussels or cuttlefish) choose a young and aromatic white, a white Macabeo or sauvignon, or a cava.